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9 percent in the first half, largely because Parker was held in check for the second straight game Catchings scored 14 points in the first half and Hodges scored eight off the bench in the second quarter''Neither team could stop the other in the fourth quarter with the Mystics outscoring the Sun, 36-35 It made for a cute story, and maybe that's why Durant stopped wearing it Durant has learned he and Westbrook don't always have to lift the Thunder by themselvesWade isn't expecting Bosh back from his lower abdominal strain Sunday in Game 4, so the scheme probably won't changeDwyane Wade has had a hard time finding openings against the Celtics In 2004, the Spurs went up 2-0 on the Lakers in the West semis and extended a winning streak to 17 games before dropping the next fourEveryone wanted to know what Durant carried in the backpack"Yeah, I would like that," Durant said

The Fever made 22 of 27 free throws and committed just 12 turnovers"They went on a little run there But he vows that his performance willThe reigning WNBA MVP was much better at home against the Liberty on Sa****ay, scoring 14 of her 16 points in the first halfIt was an epic collapse, and the Thunder never recovered''As a team, we have to figure out ways to exploit the double team,'' James saidIt was an epic collapse, and the Thunder never recovered Loose *****, 50-50 opportunities Sometimes it's nerve-wracking playing those games like that He was a quiet guy, you never knew he was around

''I don't think we contained her,'' Fowles said On and on, it went And eventually, I'm a patient person, so eventually things will hopefully loosen up and I can get my opportunities where I can attack and get in a rhythm a little more (Getty Images)All those hours Durant's worked to shape his game with Thunder ***istant Brian Keefe have shown themselves in these playoffs The unselfishness led to wide-open looks and high-percentage shots John's Hall of Fame coach Lou Carnesecca saidAfter his latest clutch performance, Durant admitted the king closer label would suit him just fine''In the span of three days, the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the San Antonio Spurs as many times as they had in the last three years On Sa****ay, he was everything he wasn't a year agoAnd as long as Chris Bosh is out, he understands it's probably going to stay that way

It was the third straight loss for the Mystics "We were p***ing the ball and guys were making shots7 percent from beyond the arc on the season while allowing opponents to shoot 42 "I mean, he is a great scorer ''Sometimes people watch because it's the Lakers or the Celtics or the Bulls, big-market traditional teams5 seconds left There are times when I need to p*** to my teammates and times when I need to scoreGame by heart-pounding game, the Spurs and the Thunder are proving that the NBA cannot only survive, but flourish, even when power franchises like the Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls have been eliminatedWhen Lil Wayne turned down Kevin Durant's invitation to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals, he missed quite a show by the three-time scoring champion The Fever made 13 of 26 3-pointers while New York made 5 of 17

Kara Lawson had 18 points and four ***ists for the Sun (4-1) As far as Oklahoma City's big men emerging as new scoring threats, Jackson said most of their looks are ones the Spurs will take their chances on Each year, he's corrected a flaw in his game, dismissed a layer of criticism But he vows that his performance will (Getty Images)This is the evolution of a star, and the San Antonio Spurs saw it up close Sa****ay nightBut the Grammy-winning rapper, appearing at a Macy's store in Los Angeles to promote his Trukfit clothing line, described a more complicated scenario Now the West finals are down to a best-of-3 Down 2-1 to the Mavs in last season's West finals, the Thunder looked ready to even the series after building a 15-point lead with about five minutes left in Game 4" Everywhere Dwyane Wade turned, two Boston Celtics seemed to be waiting"Durant's career has become a step-by-step progression toward greatness

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